No Profit, No fees

Marketing Profitability Guarantee

This means if your marketing doesn’t work, you pay ZERO management fees.

We offer New Zealand’s only Marketing Profitability Guarantee.

This is our way to show you that not only are we confident in our marketing tactics, but we hold ourselves accountable. We’ll always do our very best, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t always guarantee results and for that time it doesn’t, your business shouldn’t be the one to suffer alone.

This guarantee is our promise to always do the best for you and your business. Being transparent about costs and working with you for your success.

Our Marketing Profitability Guarantee is based on a three month testing period where we actively track analytics. The summary of the first month is a good indication of how we’re going and this allows us to adjust our angles, audience and images to have a more successful second and third. If your business’s marketing activities haven’t covered the cost of advertising after three months, we’ll refund our management fees for the three month testing period.

No Profit, No Fees has criteria that need to be met in order to qualify.
These criteria are not barriers, instead, they are simple things like having a CRM to track leads, expectations around how long it takes to contact leads and how you contact them and transparency around sales communication.

Nothing works unless you do, but we have a great track record of providing value to clients that execute to a high standard.

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