No Contracts

Our approach to our relationships with our clients is simple, we do a great job and earn the right to work with our clients every month.

Our purpose is to change the way media companies deal with their clients all over New Zealand, and we disagree with the way people are presented a quote or presentation they don’t understand, signed up to a 6-12 month contract for ads that don’t produce any results but they still don’t have the ability to leave and go and do something more productive with their marketing budget.

Because of this, we adopted a ‘No Contracts’ rule in our business, this offer further enforces our ‘client’s first’ mentality and shows our willingness to be accountable and put our own revenue on the line with all of our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work, what makes us stand our in the market or how we can help you, book a meeting with one of our client consultants below:





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