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Working primarily with property investors meant that our target audience is older. We didn’t think we would be able to effectively find these people on social media and communicate with them in the way that we wanted to. Digital Simple showed us how to not only get ahold of these people but also find people exactly in our target market that were interested in working with us, whilst also keeping us profitable at the same time. We’re really impressed with everything they’ve done so far. They have also just completed a website build for us which we’re stoked with.

- Angela Webb, Bayleys Property Investment Christchurch

Digital Simple helped us to create a new product that we added to our business, pre-packing and shipping fences for people to assemble themselves. We haven’t seen anyone do this before and Digital Simple did a great job at providing us customers that wanted this product from us and also had us profitable within the first month of working with them.

- Fence Quotes

Digital Simple was keen to see us succeed from the start. When we first started working with them they made a number of website tweaks that we weren’t quoted for or charged for because they were committed to seeing us succeed which really impressed us. They’ve helped us to generate consistent online sales over a number of months and we’re really happy with everything they’ve done for us.

- Lotus

Our business is unique and because of that, we were worried that an agency that we work with wouldn’t understand what we were trying to achieve or who we were trying to talk to. We were really stoked with the communication that Digital Simple provided us. The reach, brand presence, and the way they’ve made the most of opportunities that have popped up along the way, like the river flooding in Christchurch, we’re really impressed with what they’ve done for us so far.

- Outdoor Access

I've been blown away at the difference compared to other firms we've used in the past from Facebook and Instagram!

- Matt Dawson, Harcourts Merivale

I have been lucky enough to be an early adopter working alongside Digital Simple. They provide great value for my campaigns and, more importantly, my vendors journey whilst selling their home or investment. Not only do I get a great quantity of leads but more importantly great quality. The team "get" the property market and how important it is for us to reach as many qualified buyers as we can. They are an integral part of my marketing strategy to achieve the best result.

- Andy Williams, Property Ventures Real Estate

After a string of digital agency experiences which were overpriced, convoluted and with lacklustre results, Digital Simple’s ‘No Profit, No Fees’ offer grabbed our attention enough to enquire. After a quick video call, we signed up figuring there was nothing to lose. As a nationwide organisation with licensees trusting us with their marketing spend, we need results. Digital Simple has delivered, providing a great return by helping us generate over 20 times what we spend with them. On top of this, they are great to deal with, enthusiastic and truly keep the whole process simple.

- Giggle TV

Because our development projects are targeted towards older, more seasoned investors and home buyers, we didn’t think we’d be able to find them on social media. Digital simple has done a great job of providing leads that have turned into sales for multiple projects across commercial and residential. We’re really happy with the communication and service they provide us.

- Bayleys Nelson Tasmen

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