Why Is Design Important In Marketing?

From the biased opinion of a Designer.

Your brand, your logo, your adverts, they are the way your company visually represents itself to the world. Having a professional, clean and compelling design immediately communicates the value of your business or product to a prospective customer. It can create confidence in your quality and professionalism, it can prompt emotions that creates comfort and loyalty to the brand.

You have designed your product or service with such focus on detail, with so much care and direction, this should be reflected in how you market it.

The key objective in any marketing campaign is how to create customer engagement, how do you convert the engagement to meet your campaign goals. How does a call to action become a sale, how does the experience a prospective has with an advert lead to brand loyalty? Beyond well-written copy and well-planned audience targeting, the design is what takes a concept and evolves it into an emotional response from your prospective customer. How you’ve chosen to represent yourself to the market, the images, colours and shapes all combining to evoke how your business feels in the eyes of your potential customers is often, exclusively, dependent on your design.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

 Steve Jobs

With the amount of advertising an average person sees on a daily basis from scrolling through their phones to walking down the street, marketing is absolutely everywhere, Companies are fighting for your attention constantly. Eye-catching, elegant and persuasive design is what separates successful marketing from the chaos that clouds your prospective customers, especially in the digital space where trust is vital to close a sale.

Social media has become a force to be reckoned with in the way products are marketed, and content is key. Photos and videos are the most shared items on every platform, both of which heavily rely on design to be engaging. In the age of social media excellent design can be the element that pushes your company forward. It can be the first impression you make or the differentiator of your product/service.

“Marketing is the conversation you have with your customers to engage them with your product. Branding is the personality that you project in that conversation.”

– Joe Hollerup, Creative Manager at Power Digital

More importantly, design holds the important role of why your target audience converts. There are strategic and concise decisions, as simple as button placement and colour choices that create significant increases in conversions. It’s the strategic design like this that is responsible for the experiences a customer has once they interact with your business, not only does the brand consistency help to instil trust, it makes the purchase process easier.

Professional, clean, compelling design immediately communicates the value of your business or product to a prospective customer. It creates confidence in your quality and in your professionalism. It spurs a dialogue the audience can partake in. It draws a customer in and guides them through an experience. And ultimately, it is an integral part in communicating with that voice in the back of your customer’s head saying… yes, I should invest in these people.

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